VETAL SUITE, Curiosities Unearthed by Chatchai Puipia

OCTOBER 18 - JANUARY 13, 2018

Nova Contemporary is proud to present Vetal Suite by acclaimed Thai painter artist Chatchai Puipia, his very first solo exhibition featuring new works since staged his funeral and subsequent withdrawal from the art world in 2010. Vetal Suite is the culmination of Puipia’s investigation into love, life, art, and furthermore, his examination of the intricate relationships between them.

Chatchai Puipia is dead no more. He has returned and he has turned Nova Contemporary into an aquarium for his consciousness. He named this dwelling Vetal Suite. From his mind, he conjured Vetal, a shadow of himself cast by a reflection in the mirror, a self mediated through many filters, a man half-Vietnamese, half-Thai, part human, part ghost. Vetal welcomes you to his home.

In Vetal Suite, it is perplexing to discern whether a thought is a memory of a real occurrence or a dream so grounded in reality that one becomes confused whether it actually happened. Vetal is a collector and he has filled his home with a large collection of trinkets and ornaments, Chatchai’s personal effects and trappings, his tools of the trade and paintings. Vetal Suite is ostensibly a familiar and straightforward habitat of Chatchai, but one that exists in an ethereal realm where his muse occasionally graces her presence and his favorite star sings him to sleep.

Vetal opens his doors to curious visitors from October 18, 2018 to January 13, 2019. On Fridays and Saturdays, he hosts performances in the late afternoon at 4pm. Regularly, he fixes his guests a drink of his finest whiskeys.


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