The Uncertain

February 1 - March 31, 2019

When “planning” is inapplicable to nature, one could only look forward and wait for natural phenomena to happen. In this exhibition “The Uncertain”, Bangkok’s daily weather is pivotal in determining the artworks displayed in the gallery. The works shown on a mostly cloudy day will differ from the ones exhibited on a mostly sunny day. Not being able to see all of them in only one visit, the viewer is drawn to return on another day with a different weather.​

The act of viewing art—much like the world around us—has become a mere matter of will applied to a set of stable conditions: The ubiquity of artificial, climate-controlled environments serve to strengthen our illusory sense of autonomy. Rarely are we dependent on external variables—be they others’ will or the weather. Removed as we are from these uncertainties of the natural world, Jedsada retreats to a place that puts him—and us—at its mercy. Inspired by his experience of waiting out the rains while collecting raw material, the artist recreates this humbling sense of dependency for the modern visitor, accustomed to on-demand viewing.

A multidisciplinary artist, Jedsada uses mixed-media installations that play with the architectural components of the site, and project sound and light, bringing the experience of outside, inside. But no two viewers—even those that enter together—experience the reflected conditions in the same way: Not only do variables in the weather dictate the work on display, variables in subjects’ interactions with the space, trigger sensors that affect the pitch and volume of sound installations. Essentially an experiential show, the artist plays also with content: Anchored in the dry season, the artwork displayed on those rare rainy days, reflect the exceptionality of the occasion.

This new body of work contains within it a strong commentary on our deteriorating relationship with nature: Surrendering to the world and its rhythms—not conquering it—is key.

written by Pema Abrahams

Please check the weather forecast for Bangkok on AccuWeather at 11 am. on the day you plan to visit a gallery for a different weather and different type of presentation.

Presentation 1 : Cloudy / Mostly cloudy / Considerable clouds
Presentation 2 : Sunshine / Sunny / Mostly sunny / Plenty of sunshine /Abundant sunshine / Sunny much of time / Plenty of sun / Clearing : very warm
Presentation 3 : Partly cloudy / Partly sunny / Intermittent clouds / Sunny to partly cloudy / Sun mixing with clouds / Clouds giving way to some sun / Sunshine and some clouds / Sunny intervals
Presentation 4 : Shower / A t-storm / A Thunderstorm in spots /A bit of afternoon rain / An afternoon shower 


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