The Perfect for Fishing

November 15, 2019 - January 5 2020

   NOVA CONTEMPORARY presents 'The Perfect Day for Fishing', the first solo exhibition of artist Prae Pupityastaporn at Nova Contemporary. Alchemical, intimate, enigmatic with her wry humor, Pupityastaporn’s new series of paintings further affirms her creativity in landscaping a situation. Mainly on large format canvases, her paintings own the delicate and fluid qualities. The construct renders in her painting unveiling her inquisitive mind for the spaces we live in and the moment we ponder. Every brushstroke in the painting is her dialectical quest for the intuitive and compulsive self.

Pupityastaporn liberates the boundaries in time and space by her painting; the interplay between the colours, figures and light transforms into the timeless serenity perching in her painting. Whether it becomes a bluish sky in the sweep of white or the translucent green trees accompany with the footage of ruby red, the range of colours unfolds the physical realities in the unbound imagination. The painting becomes a situation that invites the viewers to negate the unsettling in their contemplation. Her art in the end is like a comfortable armchair for us to settle and relax from physical fatigue.

Whilst her work focuses on the landscape and portrays an unusual however oddly uncanny atmosphere, the works have never contained a human figure, inviting the audience to interact solely through their own perspective and experiences. Pupityastaporn takes influence from her surroundings, ranging from landscape portrayals of tropical outdoors to stale indoor scenes that relate back to the artist’s process of using technology but manipulating time and space through her own impulsive intuitive by intertwining objects from her own recollection of images from memories. Consider her works like windows; immerse yourself within the image the artist provides, you did not ask to be put there, but feel free to wonder. 

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