Appearance of Crosses

JANUARY 10 - MARCH 14, 2020

Nova Contemporary is proud to present ‘Appearance of Crosses’ by renowned Chinese artist Ding Yi. The exhibition is supported by ShanghArt Gallery. Ding Yi’s exhibition at Nova Contemporary is his first solo exhibition in Southeast Asia, exploring his classical symbols “+” and “x”, and sparking imagination about the use of signs as language in abstract art.

The crosses are a symbolized language that constructs Ding Yi’s visual narrative. Ding has continually experimented with a kaleidoscope of monochrome, light, and fluorescent tones. He has also explored extensively on different mediums including acrylic on canvas, chequered nylon, chalk on paper, charcoal and coloured pencil works. The visual order of the many give Ding Yi’s work a veil of mystery, which drives the passion and thirst for knowledge about contemporary abstract art.

This upcoming exhibition of Ding’s work consist of wood cuts and work on paper from 2019.

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