Breast Stupa Cookery: the world turns upside down

October 10 - November 2020


“Some dreams tremble, feel unstable. Turning over to turn over. And waking up to real uncertainties.”
- Pinaree Sanpitak

For the first time in an exhibition format, Breast Stupa Cookery: the world turns upside down, by Pinaree Sanpitak - one of Thailand’s most prominent female artists - bridges the social collective with gastronomy and art. The exhibition transforms Nova Contemporary into a café/eatery, challenging the present social norm. In the midst of today’s climate, where mass gatherings of people have become a liability, this exhibition shines a light on the depths of food both as a medium of art, as well as a connective thread for human relationships. In these distressing times of social distancing, where the virtual world has become the prime meeting place of lonely souls, we welcome you to a real vis-à-vis over a meal. Sharing food and conversations, surrounded by fine cuisines and beverages, among a visual setting into the world of Breast Stupa Cookery. 

Collaboration lies at the core of Breast Stupa Cookery, through the exchange and sharing of ideas, culminating in unexpecting results each time this project occurs. Chefs, pâtissiers, confectioners, bartenders, as well as ceramic and glass artists who all flaunt their respective masteries, create a shared experience with the audience and diners. This ongoing project since 2005 has proven to be unpredictable, at times jovial, at times emotional, at times political. This time the world turns upside down, the act of gathering may be a stand against the new normal of current society, but it could also be a challenge to the very nature of man itself.

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